Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's Like Science, Man

As I mentioned previously, I think I'll stick to 185gr ammo for the new-to-me .45acp revolver I recently got. Since I ordinarily shoot 230gr, a quick stop at Cheaper Than Dirt seemed in order. Hopefully I'll be receiving a box each of the following in time for a range session this weekend:

Remington .45acp 185gr JHP @ 1015 fps
Remington .45acp+P 185gr JHP @ 1140 fps
MagTech .45acp+P 185gr JHP Guardian Gold @ 1148 fps
Remington Express .45acp 185gr JHP @ 1000fps
RWS Copper-Matrix NTF 145gr Lead Free @ 1157 fps
SBR Greenmatch Frangible 155gr lead free @ 1050 fps

My thought is to intermix my usual 230gr FMJ practice ammo with one each of the above to compare perceived recoil in my Commander so as to establish a handling baseline of sorts out of the weapon I'm most familiar with (I'm not absolutely certain the frangible stuff will feed all that well in an autoloader; something to discover there too it seems). This to be followed by a cylinder full (OK, maybe two or three :)) of one each of the above in the 625-10 ascending up through their advertised muzzle velocity so as to experience their different handling characteristics out of the revolver.

Once I have something to base a decision on, I will order up 500 rounds of whatever seems most comfortable as a practice round. {IOW I'll ask Steve Prater at Lock and Load to hand load that much for me.}

I don't expect to shoot this gun all that often, and won't be carrying it until I can acquire a proper holster for it, but my initial expectation is that it is sized right to be a practicable summer activity concealed carry gun that wouldn't occupy limited pocket space in a pair of shorts like my 431PD Airweight does. At the sub-20 yd range both guns are really designed for (the .45 has a 1" barrel and the .32 Mag a 1.25" EDIT: per email from Tam, I'm measuring the barrel length wrong; when measured from the cylinder face, the 625-10 is 2.125" and the 431PD is 1.875" long - I still don't expect sub-3" groups much beyond 20 to 25 yards though), the difference in caliber is a non-issue when it comes to "terminal bullet performance" in a defensive shooting.

So, eye and hearing protection mandatory, lab coat optional.

UPDATE 1/6/11: It's here! Tomorrow's going to be so much fun.


Tam said...

So, how's it shoot?

Will Brown said...

What you said about Monday? It went through here last Friday and Saturday. :)

The ammo I bought is still sitting all neatly stacked on the dining room table. The pistol is still in the range bag. If I can wake up early enough in the afternoon I'll try to get to Lock and Load before Friday this week (the night shift work week ends at rise-'n-shine:30 on Friday mornings), but it doesn't look too promising just yet.

For the record, I already know it will go "Bang!" at the appropriate time. The challenge at this point is to find a bullet weight less than 230 gr. that has decent terminal performance at a muzzle velocity that doesn't stress either my joints or the gun's metallurgy excessively. Your point about "kinetic bullet puller" is well taken I assure you.

Got a good recomendation as to a decent IWB holster for this one Tam? Something that won't have my shorts unintentionally down around my ankles this summer would be nice. A belly band with an on-the-hip holster attached would be the kerschnizzle.