Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And, The Fatwa Is Declared In 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 -

The boys - and girl apparently - of HillBuzz have really shown their talent for provocative commentary this time:

Taking inspiration from a recent public statement by newly elected Member of Congress Allen West, HillBuzz fellow-blogger Bridget goes all editorial-like and illustrates the present reality obfuscated by the Coexist bumper sticker ethos.

Well done you.

I generally tend to prefer this one, but endorse Bridget's version too:

(which came to my attention here who attributes it's original creation to this fine fellow.)

Is there a market in second-hand fatwas? If so, what am I bid?

Update: So, this is what happens when you hurry through a post before leaving for work; you don't RTWT as closely as you ought to and miss important little details. Like, for instance, that the coexist drawing actually comes from here almost a year ago. Oh well, it's still a good illustration of Islam and I still endorse the sentiment it expresses.

Not sure what I'd do with a fatwa anyway. Well, I am, but just blurting it out like that wouldn't seem to be very strategic-minded, now would it? :)

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