Sunday, January 9, 2011

Crap! It's Snowing

It's been cold and rainy most of the morning; a few minutes after local noon that changed to snow.

This should be good.

Let's see, yup it's already panic city out there (where it's not a completely outdated business model).

Remember, this is PC Texas, where everything is a threat that's not already a disaster.

Snark aside, I do expect the 5 minute commute to work tonight will run to more like 10 or 12 and the drive home in the morning will be by the much-less-steep-but-three-times-as-long back route. Still, even without Tamara Tyres (note the Roseholme Cottage spelling :)), the pick-up ought to do well enough with a bit of common sense applied to the throttle and brake pedals along with the ankle.

At least there oughtn't be much other traffic to waltz around.

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