Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Conservative = Conspiracy?

Much to Alan's proclaimed mystification, I'm a fan of Vicious Circle and greatly enjoy the interaction of the gun blogging "characters" who directly participate. As a result, I tend to read their personal blogs frequently as well. Most of the time they each tend to be fairly consistent with their "on air" persona's and intellectual positions. And I must confess, I've long suspected that Alan was a little more "out there" (in the Alex Jones/George Noory tradition) than he was want to let on. As evidence of this, his propagation of Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory as "Conservatism".

Not only is this patently false as history, it completely distorts both the concept of "money" along with that of "conservative".

Because some Hollywierd Left Out takes the opportunity his flapping in the breeze on the backside of Andrew Breitbart's coattails provides him doesn't make the result even remotely true. Please, Alan, tell me that you aren't serious about any of this - most particularly the cheap and over-done rip off of the whole "300" meme at the end?

I find it hard to believe that any serious person, particularly one who champions individual firearm ownership and usage, would even consider for a moment the obvious logical fallacy in the whole "gold = money" hysteria. I can't believe, Alan, that you would seriously argue that the gun is the civil right enshrined in the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution; why then would you allow yourself to even appear to argue that one of the many manifestations (a particular refined metal) of the intellectual concept of money actually is the concept itself?

Added to all that, do you even realise, Alan, how you have positioned yourself as a practitioner of one of the oldest and most frequently disproved racist libels of human history? Red Shield? Rotts Schield? Rothschild? You're not seriously going to promote "The Evil Jew Banker" as being in any way equivalent to "true conservative values", are you Alan?

And please don't think for a moment just taking my word on either of the preceding two paragraphs. Read for yourself what Niall Ferguson (that would be the Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History at Harvard University, a Senior Research Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford University, and Senior Fellow of the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and not some other one) has to say on all of that in his quite readable The Ascent Of Money.

Want to argue means and methods for keeping money a transparent and measurable allotment of value? Have at it, I'd love to take part, but not if the premise is in any way based on myth, slander or mysticism (all common attributes of the "gold is money" fabulists position). Here's an opening gambit: In what ways are variously refined metal's monetary position equivalent to the historic claim of Roman Catholic Church doctrinal claims of primacy in all questions having to do with religious or ethical debate?

The logical inconsistencies alone will keep you occupied for some time, I predict, but the answer is quite simple and direct.


DirtCrashr said...

Thanks for the link to the Ferguson book, Hoover Inst. is right here and we're lovin' it.

Will Brown said...

Thanks; the thing I find most remarkable about NF is that his writing is always very readable but includes the sources he bases his scholarship on. It's not just some dude's opinion.

I'm contemplating an extensive expansion on a related aspect of this same topic (money = civilisation). It'll end up being a multi-parter thing and still be Kevin Baker-ish.

Don't hold your breath or anything (I've put it off for this long already :)), but it's coming ...

DirtCrashr said...

Oh jeeze, not another heavy Kevin Baker √úberpost! ;-) But when you got it loaded, go for it! My blogging has descended to cheap shots at Liberals, but that is so fish-in-barrel.
Just wait till I get back to my Cultural Anthro roots in ethno-history!
Actually I'm there and agree totally money = civilization, it goes way back in the East anyhow since Brahmin Priests will do anything including purification rituals and genealogy "research" for money, and elevating low rank Sudras up to the Kshatriya elites is a neat trick. Something like the ultimate Indian Rope Trick in fact.