Saturday, July 13, 2013

It Must Be True, I Read It On The Internet!

Like most of Western Civilization apparently, I read Instapundit regularly.  Proving even law professors are still human, Glenn Reynolds occasionally gets it wrong (in fairness, he links a National Journal story - I don't mean to imply this is an honest example of his original writing).  While this all could prove to be a difference between filter options when straining legal gnats, I'm going with these folks who proffer a differing opinion about the legality of packin' heat in the Post Office car park here:
Legal Update: I'm sure some members are aware of news articles which are following a case coming out of a Federal District Court in Colorado. The various articles are suggesting a decision of that court now allows the possession of a firearm in the parking-lot of federal post offices nationwide. Our initial research on the decision suggests that this is simply false. First it is important to note that the ruling being referenced came from a District Court and NOT a Court of Appeals, meaning it holds no legal precedent. Also, even in this specific case, the circumstances for which the judge ruled were extremely specific and included conditions which may or may not apply in your specific case. We intend to publish a newsletter with a full legal analysis, but in the mean time, DO NOT BRING YOUR GUN INTO THE PARKING-LOT OF THE POST OFFICE IN TEXAS.
IANAL (which is why I pay those that are), so I really don't have an independently formed opinion to offer on this.  For now, better safe than sorry would seem to be the course to follow, at least until a better considered reading of this legal ruling becomes available.  I look forward to reading Glenn Reynolds further thoughts on this (along with the world of other stuff he posts daily of course).