Monday, May 27, 2013

What's In A Name?

Via Alan of Vicious Circle and The Squirrel Report infamy renown comes notice of the Super Hero Name Generator website.  Use your actual name or not; male, female or none-of-the-above as you like.  Fun for all!

My superhero name is: Captain Proxima

You are an alien, brought to Earth and trapped here by accident. Now, you must use your innate abilities to battle the forces of darkness, while trying to find your way home!

Star Creation - Your powers give you the ability to create miniature stars, tiny super-heated suns that you can manipulate and hurl as weapons! Now, you protect Baconville, Ohio from murderers, while also battling the evil plans of The Thirteenth Gunslinger!

My alter ego is as an itinerant short-order cook of the local namesake grilled meat and perennial contender in the State Fair annual BLT competition.  The Thirteenth Gunslinger is, of course, the secularized cousin of the 13th Mahdi, so is my arch enemy and target of my flaming bacon grease attacks.  A rasher of entertainment all around.  Yum.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Opportunity Knocketh

Soylent is a traditional food replacement and is about to become a business instead of a science project:
Crowdfunding has come a long way since kickstarter kicked it off. We looked at some figures and ultimately agreed it doesn't make much sense for us to work with them, or give them 7% of the amount raised. For kickstarter projects the vast majority of traffic does not come from the site itself, international engagement is an afterthought, and it seems like a rather trivial barrier to the success of this project.
Thankfully, we were contacted by another Y Combinator team who is running a new crowdfunding platform that seems to be a much better fit for us. They will not be taking the cut that Kickstarter would have. It's still in beta so we're testing now but it should be up in just a few days.
More importantly, the current formulation is tastier and more filling than ever, the women testers are much happier, and talks with manufacturers are underway.

Soylent (the drinkable food) is your opportunity to throw some green into the pot (so to speak) so as to create the means to bring your health and diet back into balance and well being at far less daily cost than you experience today.  Join me and a bunch of other people in creating the nutrition source for humanity for the 21st century.