Sunday, March 13, 2011

Some Saturdays Are More Equal Than Others

While shoving things around in the closet (the one I mostly use to store my Big Boy Toys when I'm not using them) trying to fit "just a bit more" in, I discovered I have 800 more rounds of 230 gr. good-times than I thought I did (that is, in addition to the basic stocking level of 500 rounds). A void space was immediately created by my transferring 300 rds. to my range bag - that works out to three full ammo boxes of 100 rds. each (one of which was already full), all seven of my Chip McCormick Shooting Star practice mags filled and the six back-up Wilson Combat carry mags I mostly store in the bag filled as well. The remaining 500 rds. went into the stand-by ammo boxes on the top shelf, while (some of) my gradually expanding collection of carry ammo went into the by-then vacated ammo can on the closet floor.

Fortunately, it really was "just a bit" of stuff to fit into the mess storage space, so mission accomplished I guess. I do know that my next trip to the range is going to involve the (to me) unique experience of firing off 13 consecutive magazines without having to recharge any of them - and quite possibly the acquisition of a truss for my lower back later that same day. :)

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DirtCrashr said...

Woot! 13-magazines is cool!