Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Behind The Headline

Mexico City focuses on CCTV to combat crime

Because actual policemen would only be added competition for the available bribe money, wouldn't they?

[Editorial note: no condemnation is implied in this attempt at low-brow humor regarding the good people at FT.com from whence the linked story originates, nor Drudge Report where I first noticed it. The viewpoint of law enforcement being an unbudgeted revenue stream for government is both reprehensible and not confined to Mexican authorities.]


DirtCrashr said...

After reading the various posts at El Blog del Narco I am prepared to write-off Mexico as a lost cause and failed-state.

Will Brown said...

That's certainly one way to look at it. OTOH consider just how successful "Mexico" has been over the past couple three decades at subverting domestic USA government influence over a significant percentage of the country - arguably ~50% and much of that not located adjacent to the established international border between the two countries.

It's an interesting example of an indirect strategy at self-financing the destabilisation and overthrow of another country by means of a proscribed commercial activity. As historical example, think Opium Wars between Great Britain and China during much of the 19th century (we get to play "China" in this version). Outright invasion and military confrontation isn't necessary (or only very judiciously and in as low-key a manner as possible) if you are prepared to callously spend people as well as money to gradually corrupt and subvert the management infrastructure and leadership of your target.

The Great Game continues apace, I think.