Sunday, August 3, 2008


I've been talking on the telephone for over 40 years now. You'd think I might have developed some degree of relaxation with the process by now, wouldn't you?

I finally caught a Fast Forward Radio show on Blog Talk Radio from the guys at The Speculist and was able to call in. Aside from a penchant to stutter and lose my train of thought, I think I got across the basic concepts of strategy as a life philosophy and not just a military/political oddity.

Gary does this so much better ...

One thing I would like to add that didn't really fit into the show format is that strategy as developed from Sun Tzu's The Art of War might very well have been written with a technological future in mind.

By this I mean that, to the extent that strategic science can be summed up as positional advancement, the concept of "futurist" entails imagining the so-far hypothetical process by which technology can be the mechanism to achieving a position we individually desire to attain.

Finally, being seen to be capable of overwhelming violence serves the end of succeeding without having to resort to force. Most of the time ... Occasionally you do have to actually be seen being overwhelmingly violent to illustrate the lesson.

Humans will never escape the potential for war, but we can all work to be so good at it that we don't have to actually fight most of the time.

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