Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Instant Meme

I have often linked to Kevin Baker in the past and expect to do so in future. This time, I quote him in full:

Freudian Slip?
Former Texas Rep. Charlie Wilson -- yes, that Charlie Wilson -- was speaking at an anti-war rally when he, um, flubbed a line:
"We should be led by Osama bin Laden," he said, then quickly corrected himself. "I mean Obama and Biden."
Osama bin Laden, Obama and Biden, hey, it's a mistake anybody could make.

And will keep making all the way 'till election day.

Obama bin Biden 2008!

I'm suddenly feeling a little less sick to my stomach over this year's election.

From Real Clear Politics via Glenn

This one needs to be spread far and wide.

A couple quick clicks later, I found this at professional writer James Hudnall's blog:

Quote of the Day
“We should be led by Osama bin Laden,” he said, then quickly corrected himself. “I mean Obama and Biden.”

Charlie Wilson (of that bogus Tom Hanks movie fame)

Gosh, we have a new name for the hope team. Obama bin Biden : Hope and Change for the Republican Party’s fortunes.

Somewhere between the two, I think we've found the T-shirt for this years political season:

OBAMA bin BIDEN 2008
Hope and Change
(for the Republican Party)

Kevin? Hud? Who can get a Zazzle deal struck first?

I'm a 2XL BTW.


Update: So, Hud went with the T-Shirt while Kevin opted for the bumpersticker.

Now, if we can only keep that utter nanger Nancy Pelosi talking for a couple more months there's a quite reasonable chance for McCain to inherit an evenly divided legislature too.

In the present circumstance, political gridlock is good.

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Just put them up for sale on the site