Saturday, August 16, 2008

Basking in the reflected glory

I have mentioned B. J. Norris on these pages before. If you are a fellow shooter, I hope you will join me in noting that the young man is doing rather well this weekend:

Phil made an awesome come back to take Limited, with JJ second and myself in third. Overall I’m pretty happy with my performance with the Limited gun, and I have a slight edge over Dave heading into tomorrow in the SteelMaster race.

Given that BJ is every bit of 19 years old (and due to be married the end of this month), I hope all the others attending this weed-end get together appreciate how much better he's going to get as he fully matures into competition.

If things progress well for him today and tomorrow at The Steel Challenge, I hope that Tam and Kevin will take the opportunity to give Mr. Jarrett a modest wind-up for his modest efforts. :) I suggest taking an understanding approach to the whole "glory is so transient" thing. Periodic mention of "Can you believe he's only 19?" and similar will also no doubt have a telling effect come skill demonstration time.

Probably best not to enquire where all that was this week-end though. Moderation in all things, you know, particularly in the presence of heavily armed {cough}former{cough} world champion shooters. Most especially when he's still so far up the downward slope that most shooters can't even see that high.

Anyway, congratulations to BJ for his results so far and I hope he'll remember to post Saturday's outcome before he gets back home.

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