Saturday, August 11, 2007

More On American Solutions

I'm not going to blog each podcast as a separate catagory. Some observations:

1) When they say each podcast segment is 60 minutes in length, they mean it. When the time is up they sto

2) The complete session is presented as a video. It is obvious that the videographer is, errr not a professional. So obvious, in fact, that I had to stop watching and listen to the podcast instead. It was amusing the first - several - times he belatedly pursued Newt back into centerframe as he wandered around the stage giving his talk. It got to the point that I kept losing track of what he was saying, though, in anticipation of the camera guy leaping up and screaming at him to "Stand effing still, dammit!".

3) What Newt is in the process of creating with American Solutions is a potential alternative to the existing political party system. Not especially at the national level for the next political cycle in 2008, that's when the local and state elective offices are to be the principal targets since the cost per office is less of a financial burden for an individual citizen. If this strategy is successful for two political cycles, a national run for control of Congress and for the Presidency is a real possibility in 2012.

Newt specifically makes the point that American Solutions isn't a new addition to the existing party system. It exists as a networking resource for individuals who want to change the
American political climate and structure. It is a little recognised historical fact that political party's as they exist today were not any part of American politics for the first several decades of this country's existence.

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