Friday, August 3, 2007

... and now, for something more usual

This stunningly beautiful woman enters her gynecologist's office. Learning that her regular doctor has been unexpectedly called out of town, she elects to be treated by a visiting physician. Once she's entered the exam room, gotten undressed and positioned on the exam table, the doctor arrives and begins to check her out.

He begins by getting between her upraised legs and lightly stroking her inner thighs. "Do you know what I'm doing now?" he asks somewhat hesitantly.

"Oh yes, Doctor," she replied, "you're checking if I have any dry skin, abrasions or lesions down there."

"Yes ... yes, that's exactly what I'm doing, isn't it." he said.

Moving out from between her legs, the doctor stood alongside the beautiful woman's chest and began to squeeze her breast's and nipples. Looking down at her stunning face, he asks in a more confident voice, "Do you know what I'm doing now?"

"Yes Doctor," she answered, looking him squarely in the eye,"you're checking my breasts for lumps or other signs of cancer."

"That's right." he said.

Finally seeming to loose all control over himself, the doctor rushed back between the woman's legs and inserted his erect penis into her vagina. As he stood there thrusting deeply into her he cried out, "Do you know what I'm doing now?"

"Certainly Doctor." she replied dispassionately. "You're catching herpes. That's why I wanted to be seen today."

Consider yourselves warned.

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