Friday, January 31, 2014

I Blame JayG

I've been following along via JayG for a few months now as the Elio Motors motorcycle/car continues its development process.  A two-seat tandem vehicle that features a 60 hp 3-cylinder engine powering the 3 wheeled vehicle (which is what technically makes it a motorcycle).  80+ highway mpg (45+ city) out of an 8 gallon tank.  Fully enclosed cabin with A/C, power windows/locks, 3 air bags, 15" rims ... a lot of features for a $6800.00 price tag.

I just now put $500.00 down on my all in order for the first actual new vehicle I've ever bought.

Claimed delivery window is 4th quarter 2014 so I can hope for a birthday present.  The factory is an hour or so east of here (it's actually closer than the nearest planned dealership is) so I will definitely be exercising the factory pick up delivery option.  Texas doesn't require a helmet and is one of the many states that doesn't require a motorcycle endorsement (for this particular vehicle type) on the driving license too.

Haven't really settled on the basic options yet, but I'm leaning towards the silver and black paint job with the 5-speed manual transmission.  I'm also more than likely going to use the company's "credit card financing" method instead of the more traditional methods.  Basically, you buy gas at triple the pump price and everything over the actual fuel purchase amount is applied to your remaining balance in lieu of a regular loan payment.

Come on Jay, get on the list with me and share the anticipation frustration.  :)

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