Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wellville Update

To re-cap; on Sunday the 19th of January I developed lower back pain that extended down the length of my left leg.  On the following Monday (January 20), this was diagnosed as bursitis since X-ray revealed no physical abnormality to my back and pelvic region.  The next day, I was seen by the first available orthopedic specialist who determined there was no medical cause for my symptoms revealed so far (he specifically ruled out bursitis) and he scheduled me for an MRI which took place the next day (Wednesday, Jan 22).  The following Tuesday, 28 Jan, the orthopedic specialist determined I was suffering from a stenosis of the L-1 and/or L-2 vertebrae, which basically means a narrowing or constriction of the channels through which the nerves run causing nerve pain (which has the attribute of expressing as pain almost anywhere the given nerve extends or "transmits" to/from).

Simply as a result of who I saw first for pain treatment (the Urgent Care doc-in-a-box alternative to the Emergency Room), I ended up going to the wrong specialist.  No one's fault as such; everyone involved sought the best treatment for me as the information they had available indicated.  My personal physician has now taken the lead position on my treatment, as would have occurred from the outset had this not transpired on a holiday weekend.  He has arranged for me to begin physical therapy starting this next Tuesday (that would be Feb 4 for those keeping score at home) and for me to be seen by a neurosurgeon, although that doesn't happen until Thursday Feb 13.

I've been off work this entire time and getting the Sickness and Accident insurance payments going is a slloooww process.  I'm in no danger of starvation, especially when you take the appetite suppression qualities of codeine into account, and the bills are all being paid still, but I'm actually looking forward to beginning PT if only for something to do.  Anyone who has been treated by a physical therapist will recognize just how extreme my level of boredom must be. Also, poverty (the money to pay for stuff is coming from my money to do things account).  First world problems all.

I expect to be off work for several more weeks at best.

I'm tempted to whine that "it never ends", but in fact it does and that alternative invites not at all.  I'll wait (and work) for "gets better".

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Phil Bowermaster said...

Here's hoping it gets better soon, buddy. Wishing you all the best.