Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fun Show Today

Going to the local gun show today.  Not really expecting to see much of anything I'm really interested in actually buying, but we'll see.  This ain't the Indy 1500.

Would like to find a new Kel Tec PMR30.  Won't pay more than MSRP for one and would hope to dicker a deal for a gun and three spare magazines for ~ $500 Obamabux (plus the Governor's gratuity, of course - place wouldn't function without that).

I've gone over the Lucky Gunner ammo price list to use as a buying guide reference.  The ammo shortage is basically over, but we'll see just how far down the retail chain that message has gotten.  Some .22 (LR and WMR), .223, .308, .45acp and 9mm are all on the look-for list, but only if I can't get it delivered to my front door for the same price instead.  That's my version of the "immediate gratification" value of an ammo purchase (or most any other these days).  Me and Jeff Bezos have a relationship don'tcha know?

Maybe I'll find something to inspire a follow-up post.

1 comment:

Anthony said...

Good luck at the show William.

The world of .22 lr is still extremely rough out there from what we're seeing with our distributors. Hope you can come across a great deal!