Sunday, August 2, 2009

Retail Roulette - Updated

Tamara didn't say what the ammo situation is in the Indianapolis area (which is in itself a clue that nothing too dramatic has changed yet), but here in Tyler there seems to be a definite shudder of recovery underway.

I don't patronise the Mound of Goose Quills (with it's fluffed up price structure), but Academy had a modest selection of most handgun calibers that I could see. Other than .22 nothing that I shoot of course, but there seemed to be at least a few boxes in all the slots except for .45 and .380 (and like most general sporting goods retailers, no .32 H&R ever). Fortunately the Walton family corporate dynasty had a renewed supply of .45 for US$14.97/box of 50 rds, so I bought the limit (six boxes/day - keeps the trailer stalker depredations subdued). I feel better now; I'm back over my 1k personal supply baseline now.

An added note about my Academy experience; the store environment was pleasant and seemed well laid out and I bought a BLACKHAWK! Serpa holster for US$29.99 (a regularly stocked item to my surprise), but I have to say that the selection of footwear I found available was truly impressive - if you wear a "D" width shoe; otherwise you're barefoot. And, while I realise it was mid-afternoon on a pleasant Sunday, a few more employees actually working in the various departments instead of wandering around the store would likely contribute to an improvement on the P&L financial statement up to corporate headquarters.

So, the ammo frenzy seems to be coming to an end finally as does the dearth of guns from which to select. All in all, it seems the national economy is still swirling the financial-ruin-drain as strongly as it has for the entirety of my lifetime. The big flush is gonna happen sometime, I agree, but somethings going to have to shut off the water completely for it to end (to escape a really bad analogy). The trick, as they say, is not to panic 'till it does.

Updated to note that now she has said. With any luck, the fearful and the foolish will latch on to some other commodity or activity for a while instead.


Brigid said...

I haven't bought any in months, reloads has been it as most of the local shelves are bare.

Will Brown said...

I keep reading your posts on the topic. Once the situation stabilises regarding price and availability of components, I'm going to acquire the equipment to support at least .45 and .32 H&R mag (my carry calibers). We'll see how that goes before I even think about any rifle calibers.