Sunday, August 23, 2009

A minor flux in the Force - Updated below

Anybody got a clue why Eric S. Raymond's blog page keeps coming up 404 these last couple weeks (deliberately not linked, try for yourself; mine and his bookmark could be the problem)? His home page doesn't offer anything obviously explicative. A quick search of his name doesn't link to any recent news reports or blog posts offering enlightenment (the most recent is from the 19th of August this year referencing one of his books). I am aware that there have been threats made on his life in recent months, but anything of that nature ought to have attracted public comment somewhere I would have thought.

In the hope you're still extant Eric, was sup?

UPDATE: For the handfull of people who might not actually want to trawl through the very helpfully provided link in Comments, esr is aware of the phenomenon and efforts are apparently underway to correct it. Other than an apparent technical glitch with his hosting service, all seems to be as well as normal in esr- world. Hopefully my periodic jones for the truely long-form discussion/rant of a given topic will be easily satisfiable again soon.

Huh. My first Insta-link. That wasn't too bad. No server trembles or anything.


Anonymous said...

ESR is aware of the problem. See
his comment in this thread.

Will Brown said...

Would that all of life's questions and quandry's received a response so quickly.

Thank you.

Kevin said...

Hopefully my periodic jones for the truely long-form discussion/rant of a given topic will be easily satisfiable again soon.

What am I, chopped liver? ;)

Thanks for the update. I was wondering myself.

Will Brown said...

Now now, Kevin; let's not have any displays of unseemliness. :)

To be fair, the distinction lies in Eric's willingness to permit a throughgoing evisceration of the minutia in his comments. You keep offering new and unrelated topics for us to distract ourselves over. None of us is quite sure how sometimes ... and if I haven't before now, I thank you for it.

If I had to summarise the difference, I would discribe the contrast as being like that between Einstein's famous theorum and the OED. The experience of each can be compelling and interesting, but nothing at all alike. :)

The Monster said...

I noticed it too. BTW, rather than linking to the whole thread, you can link to the specific comment in question.

Are you following me, Insty Guy?

Will Brown said...

On your blog feel free to do so too. Thanks for contributing.

Eric S. Raymond said...

Problem is fixed as of Monday morning. The ibiblio site adminidstrators were off having a weekend or something.