Friday, December 14, 2007

Quest for Normal

So, there I was yesterday afternoon, busily beavering away earning my crust for yet another day when my new blood pressure medicine kicked in - and I went "Tilt". Now, I grant you that a BP of 112/68 isn't all that low, but as my friend Mike was way too pleased to point out, "You've been fucked up for so long, you don't know what normal feels like". Where would we be without the care and consideration of our friends, eh?

Given the regularity with which I handle a lit brazing torch around pressurized vessels, my employer opted for discretion and told me not to come back without a clearance from my doctor.

I snivelled my way into said physicians already full schedule early this afternoon, and we arrived at a modified treatment regimen. Spending this weekend observing for further difficulty, he felt confident I could return to work on Monday if nothing adverse occurred.

Being that my place of employment is shutdown for the rest of the year (after tonight's shift ends), you can imagine how it felt to give the good news about my return to work next January to Mike - as he was walking through the parking lot into work and I was driving off home for the year. Sublime ...

Who knew payback would be this expensive though? We've already been paid out for our unused vacation/sick time, the missed hours go on the payroll records as leave w/o pay. Who, other than my employer obviously, can put a price on good health though?

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