Sunday, December 23, 2007

I concur ...

... with what the lady said, though I do offer a couple of minor quibbles:

- While I don't think there's any serious question that Adolf started his political activism as a Socialist himself, or that he was a recognised and valued member of the socialist political movement within Germany, I do think it only honest to note that the ultimate formulation of the National Socialist Workers Party that he drove into creation stretches any of those terms beyond their ordinarily accepted definitions.

With the foregoing in mind, I especially think the Godwin's Law comment appropriate.

- Given the nature of those who argue to the contrary, I also think it necessary to couch the Area 51 issue within the caveat "in my opinion" since the primary concept of such a location pretty much requires denial of access to any possible physical evidence that might resolve this question. People who are prepared to postulate entire species and universal societal structures are not going to suddenly go lacking in imagination when it comes to defending their efforts from other's critical inquiry, I think. Forcing them to acknowledge even that much reality won't change their view of things of course, but there's always the hope that frequent enough reminder of the equally hypothetical nature of their own ramblings might frustrate them enough that they go away.

Other then that, put me down for a heaping helping of "what she said"!

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