Monday, April 8, 2013

It's Official, RC Church Declares For Fascism

One Sister Mary Ann Walsh, who glories in the title Director of Media Relations for the U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, has publish an article in the Washington Post in which she proclaims that the Catholic Church equivocates the church's historic stance against abortion, along with its more recent rejection of the death penalty, as being as morally objectionable as individual self defense ownership of fictional firearms:
Some things seem naturally abhorrent – forceps to crush a cranium in an abortion, a needle to deliver a sentence intravenously on death row, and an assault weapon in the hands of the man on the street. Each instrument may have a purpose some time, somewhere, but as used above, each reflects brutality in our society.
The Catholic Church opposes use of all three instruments to take a life. The church’s pro-life stand against abortion is undisputed. So is its pro-life stand in opposition to the death penalty. It can only be justified if there is no other way to keep a deadly criminal from hurting more people. And in the most recent – and all too common – threat to human life, the church opposes the growing preponderance of lethal weapons on the streets. It stands as another important pro-life position.

I'm not clear on a few points raised in her article.  Is the church declaring certain tools to be inherently "abhorrent"?  The actions people might take with those tools?  The people who might have those tools, irrespective of anything else?  As far as I can tell, the good Sister declares the entirety of American Catholic Bishops to be logically incoherent in declaring whatever position it is they are apparently publicly laying claim to.

Yes, I understand the Catholic Church wants to declare the position "pro-life" as being in moral opposition to the individual exercise of the "God-given inalienable right" to defend that same life.  Or something.

What this is, in my opinion, is the latest example of the Catholic Church betraying the interests of its parishioners so as to advance some of its politically objectionable positions at their expense.  The Catholic Church has historically been willing to sacrifice the laity whenever doing so was convenient for the "elect".  This is just more of the same and further proof that the US constitutional prohibition against establishment of a state religion remains just as valid and necessary a political position as it was nearly 2 1/2 centuries ago at the founding of the USA.

Pope Francis has an opportunity to make the Catholic Church much more viable to the rest of 21st century planet Earth; I wonder how he feels about his American Bishops political grandstanding this way?

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