Friday, March 22, 2013

If It's Good Enough For Tam ...

... I'm going with some "away game" content too.

Rand Simberg has a post up about the Aurora, CO shooter reportedly having converted to Islam while in prison.  He says:
And no, I don’t really know what kind of conclusions to draw from this, about either him or Islam.
Not only did I have the rare opportunity to be the first commenter, the snark almost wrote itself:
“… I don’t really know what kind of conclusions to draw …”
I think we can reasonably conjecture that we now know which prison gang successfully recruited him into its ranks.
 Which prompted this question; if Pope Francis were to re-instate the Ordo Templari specifically to advance the strategy of actively converting from within the worlds prisons, would that have the effect of organizing inmates into a "union" of peace-enforcing warriors for Christ?  Further, how would these men (and presumably women too) be successfully embraced into the non-incarcerated Church upon their release from prison?  Would this have the effect of countering the criminal gang dominance of prisons?  How well might this influence extend into the "street" cohorts of the worlds established crime organizations?  Might this be an effective counter to jihad being advanced through prison populations?

Riddle me that, Padre.

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