Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Man O Man, O

Updated 5/7/10 below.

When unexpectedly amidst the minefield, straightforward seems as good a path as any. From last Friday's edition of the Democrat-leaning Hill Buzz comes the following passage from an article by-lined "hillbuzz" about the recent re-airing of a possible romantic relationship between Barack Obama and Vera Baker:
That’s ridiculous.

Baker works for Burris because she’s damn good at what she does, is incredibly bright, and Baker’s well-connected with Burris’ team in Chicago. And, we repeat, she did not have an affair with Obama

This is all really suspicious, though, because during the campaign we truly believe the Obama team pushed the Baker affair story because they wanted people not to talk about Obama’s gay relationships.

Larry Sinclair, Reggie Jones, Kal Penn, Donald Young, nameless men at Man’s Country. You name it.

Who’s pushing the Baker business now, and why? Is there a himbo eruption coming for the White House, so they want to preemptively start rumors the current president is such a stud he’s bedding down a woman like Baker?

Could this have anything to do with the fact that, surreally, even people like Maureen Dowd have been hinting at a sexual relationship between Obama and his “basketball buddy” and “body man” Reggie Love…or is it linked to Kal Penn’s firing?

Is Penn threatening to talk?

Was he really robbed at gunpoint coincidentally in Dupont Circle, or was someone sending Penn a message not to talk about what went on with Obama?

It wouldn’t be the first time a man romantically linked to this president found himself in front of the business end of the gun.

Curiouser and curiouser.

As it happens, I don't particularly care if Our Man O is homo or phobe so long as he keeps it private and out of his politics. What pegs my Oh-Shit-O-Meter in the present example is that neither appears to be the case. Mr. Obama ran for office as a sincere (need I say hetero?) married man, with two kids, and now a dog, and all the standard trappings of familial bliss normally associated with all that. Who openly and matter of factly courted the homosexual community's vote and to whom promises were made and - not uniquely, sad to say - ultimately broken. As for the rest, there's simply no publicly available evidence to support speculation regarding the chain of events involving actor Kal Penn beyond their quite-possibly coincidental timing, but should that change then the apparent willingness to openly resort to violence must be publicly considered as well (an act of private thuggery or a corruption of official agency?).

For now, what we have is a decidedly Democratic Party-supporting publication openly speculating about a potential "himbo eruption" being preempted by the White House, and nobody else in the press (I'm looking at you Drudge) has anything to say about such a thing?

I thought Don't Ask Don't Tell was an unpopular policy.

h/t to James Hudnall's The Hud blog

5/7/10 Update: OK, maybe I was a little hasty describing Hill Buzz as "Democratic Party-supporting" above, see here for example.
We’ve been seeing a lot of people, across a wide spectrum, who consistently feel the current White House and Socialist-Democrats in office nationwide will manufacture a crisis that allows Obama to declare martial law and suspend November’s elections, declaring himself Lightbringer and, essentially, Pharaoh.

We don’t believe this will happen, because we think the slumbering giant of the American spirit is already waking from its nap. Socialist-Democrats and the White House don’t realize it yet, and the MSM is too busy running spin operations to pick up on it, but Democrats are toast. Party-ending toast. They went too far in the Golden Age of Hope and Change. People like us, who were lifelong partisan Democrats now hate the Democrat Party and work hard every day to do everything possible to take the DNC down, bankrupt it financially, and salt its ruins like vanquished Carthage.

[My Bold]

OK then! And Good Luck with all that, too.

Just to reiterate; my interest in all this has more to do with the determined lack of interest the media generally has demonstrated in the allegation raised by Hill Buzz rather than the nature of the allegation itself. What is of most concern to me is the degree and apparent fundamental nature of lie and distortion Barack Obama (and those who enable him) have consistently displayed throughout his public life. Disturbing behavior in any public figure, such conduct is potentially catastrophic for the entire country when performed by the President of the United States and well beyond the more-than-a-little-hyperbolic nostrum, "... lies, damned lies and politics".

Sorry for the inadvertent slander boys; mea culpa and all that.

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