Wednesday, May 26, 2010

'Cause Purty Girls Poot

That's the reason Why Beauties Get Cheated On Big Time.

Those of us who inherit "beauty" from our parents aren't especially different from the rest of us (that would include me, just for the record). Which means that their failure(s) to live up to our (initial and generally quite shallow) expectations inevitably leads to disappointment. Disappointment in ourselves, disappointment of our fantasies ... it's hard to see beyond the personae we all project and beautiful people can't avoid (without being at least a little disgusting). People make assumptions based upon their own experience of life, some of which are as silly-seeming as how another looks. How much more so for people who's occupation is much about their appearance, their looks?

Sandra Bullock's marriage ending as it appears to have is the example offered above, and makes clear just how complex all this love and marriage business is in practice. Jesse James gets no sympathy from serial divorcee me, but I like to think his now-infamous display of human frailty is at least understandable. Sandy Bullock (aka Mrs. James-as-was) isn't Sandra Bullock, movie star who thanks her husband for his support in her Academy Award acceptance speech. Waking up next to the one and getting breakfast going while jockeying around the morning bathroom routine is hard to assimilate with the demands imposed by the other's requirements.

While the circumstances confronted by a movie star and his/her spouse and family aren't exactly the norm, all of us face the same trials and temptations if to different degree and scrutiny. Brad Pitt has morning breath and, yes, Sandra Bullock occasionally poots. And we all disappoint, if not quite so publicly. Maybe that's the "secret" of marital success; accept the failings of those we most trust and share ourselves with ... perhaps most especially our own, while working to avoid actually committing as many as we can.

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