Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What day is this?

As observed widely around the innertubes, today's holiday commemorates the ending of the first world war in 1918. Here in the US we have decided to take the opportunity to also recognise all military veterans for their former service to the country.

To re-iterate, we memorialize those who died in military service on the last Monday of the month of May each year. We also celebrate the military service of those who survived the experience as well.

Please, do not continue to conflate the two events; I'm confused enough as it is.


Crustyrusty said...

Thank you. I've had to make the distinction myself many times. Folks thank me for my service on Memorial Day, and I tell them to wait 'til November; May is for the ones who didn't come back.

Will Brown said...

I suppose I should also have pointed out that it is always appropriate to say "Thank you" to someone still in service no matter what the season - especially if s/he is in uniform and out in public (and not actually working at the time, of course. That could be problematic :)).

And you are equally welcome as well. Perhaps I'll have something of actual interest to say next time. :)