Saturday, October 17, 2009

Evolution In Action*

There are a number of recognised methods for responding to a rhetorical challenge on the Internet; the tried-and-true casual obscenity, the ad hominem attack from the more literary aspiring as well as the usually devastating Fisking with the ultimate recourse being the dreaded Ban. Up to now, at least.

Followers of the LGF/Hot Air (and seemingly endless list of others) public conniptions of recent months duration will especially appreciate that a new form of literary response has arrived on the Blogging Scene - the Comic Retort. Frankly, I doubt there are all that many with the native talent/creative software skills required to pull this conversational gambit off well, which only serves to make the present example even more appreciated. As ever, opinions vary of course, but I for one offer credit for originality of the current example and look forward to future development of the literary form in future.

You takes your pleasure where you finds it as it were.

* Bonus credits to those who can identify the Pournelle/Niven novel in which the titular sentiment was originally expressed.