Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Radiating Good News

Via Jerry Pournelle's Current Mail for Tuesday comes notice of this NRC map of new nuclear power stations in the construction approval process. I note that Texas has four such new plants already. Given the depressing quantities demanded on my electric utility bill this just-ended atypically cool summer, and in anticipation of the amounts no doubt to be claimed during the upcoming winter, I can only encourage more and faster, please.


Anonymous said...

I guess the reason the South is getting most of those power plants is because they gotta power all those AC units for their trailers.

Will Brown said...

I expect there's some of that going on. I couldn't say really, I rent an apartment.

You cowardly elitist snob.

I'm actually more concerned over the conditions we can expect this coming winter then I am for the summer's heat (which was atypically cool this year in any case). People have survived brutal southern summers without A/C for centuries. Brutal northern winters without heat, not so much. Since a large percentage
of the electrical power generated by southern power plants is specifically intended to service northern customers, I suggest that my co-regionist's preference for one style of construction over another ought to be of less concern than is their continued willingness to work in those same nuclear power plants.

Do feel free to stop by again the next time the urge strikes you to display the arrogance of your ignorance. Such a charming trait.