Monday, July 28, 2008

Now That's A Plan

Actually, a collection of different plans courtesy of Brian Wang at his Next Big Future blog.

From this can be developed a strategy by which to successfully implement some amalgam result derived from the data each plan presents.

Planning is the process by which one develops information and examines possible processes to achieving a stipulated objective.

Strategy is the process by which a desired result is arrived at.

The latter can involve positive and negative negotiation, deliberate exchange of positions, variously limited partnerships and even direct or indirect coercion in extreme situations (which ought to be more profitably dealt with by better planning techniques earlier in the process). The Art Of War is about achieving a better position at the least cost to all. Only by dire necessity does it involve actual war.

Brian Wang has done the work of rounding up a selection of plans and/or components to potential plans. From that needs to be developed a strategy that identifies the most-achievable components and a practicable process by which their implementation can be achieved over the opposing efforts of those who's own position is threatened by such an effort.

Closely examining the procedure's and methods implemented by both China and India as they develop nuclear power networks will be illustrative for our own strategy development efforts. Key questions will include; does this method succeed, is a method practicable under our social/legal framework, why did failures there occur, and many more of a similar nature. Studying their efforts isn't about copying the same action here (wherever you live), it's about seeking inspiration for determining what will work here based on actual experience elsewhere.

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