Saturday, June 7, 2008

New Addition

Thought I'd take this opportunity to point out a new link in the blogroll: The B J Norris Blog. BJ shoots IPSC competitively and is (or has been) the National and World Junior Champion. Just for the exercise mostly, he also shoots Steel Plate, where he most recently split top honors with two members of the US Army's Marksmanship Unit Action Pistol Team.

Since he doesn't wear a hat when he's not shooting anyway (so it doesn't matter if you get a bit of a swelled head, BJ :)), the boy is scary good.

Having a conversation with him can be err, a bit disconcerting. By way of example, BJ has the habit of spontaneously assuming a shooting stance and practicing his draw-and-target-acquisition drill - without missing a conversational beat.

Let's face it, if the rest of us understood how champions really functioned there wouldn't be anything special about it would there? They have different, and so much higher, expectations than do the rest of us because they actually live what the rest of us only work or play at.

Still, it's a bit off-putting when you first experience the thing - he's really not throwing some kind of firearm-related spastic fit, it just looks that way until you've trained your eye to follow events closely enough to see what he's actually doing. Champion competitors really are different from the rest of us, I don't care how much they might like to think otherwise.

Oh, and that's the other point of this post; BJ works at Lock and Load so I get to take a regular customer's advantage of his good nature and expertise whenever he happens to be able to show up for work (ie: when he's not travelling to someone else's town to show them up instead).

So, when it comes to matters gun related on this blog, from now on you'll have to ask yourself, "Is it BS, or BJ?"

Good Luck in San Antonio next weekend stud. Show 'em how it's done.

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