Thursday, May 1, 2008

Where mouth meets money

Via Al Fin's sidebar links comes notice of this announcement:

"In its most ambitious and broad ranging move yet the X Prize Foundation will divide up some $100 million for transformations in biofuels, clean aviation fuel, energy storage, the provision of basic utilities for developing nations, and other categories."

The article goes on to say that an exact formula for dividing up the moolah and how to apply for consideration hasn't yet been determined. Given the X-Prize Foundation's proven track record for honest and reliable push-prize promotion, I can only say that I await further news and developments with marked anticipation. The focus of this effort seems to be on getting targeted invention(s) actually into production and delivery to customers, which is a bit different from the previous X-Prize for space access.

Got a bright idea? Here's your shot at a share of a hundred million bucks.

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