Saturday, May 17, 2008

mad tek skilz

Several years ago an electrical storm burned out the network chip on my otherwise OK motherboard, so I had an Ethernet PCI adapter card installed and used that for a modem connection point instead.

This past Tuesday, yet another electrical storm burned out the LAN card and I finally made it down to CPU for a replacement card (on the way back from a session at the shooting range - priorities people). Which, as you can see for yourself, works.

I'm on-line again! Yea!

$14 and, as long as I had the case open anyway, ~1/2 a can of Blow Off so the fans might keep working for a while longer yet too.

And to think, once upon a time I kept multi-million dollar airplanes in the air, now I'm all beside myself over a simple plug-in circuit board swap. Except for the lowest bidder price tag, not all that much difference then ...


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