Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm off - See Update below for a follow-up range report

Should anyone wish to speak with me, I'll be here until I get tired.

UPDATE: Aaahh, that's better.

So, I can still make human heart-sized holes in paper at 30 to 35 feet slow fire (8 rounds in under a minute) and the same again at 15 feet rapid fire (8 rounds in under 3 seconds). If I ever have to engage an interactive target, that will just have to be good enough. I wouldn't want to try weak-hand shooting at much beyond 15', but still managed to keep them in the same sized group (though at a much slower rate of fire). All over the place after the first shot left-handed though, so every shot has to be a first shot as a result.

The range bag is a couple hundred rounds (of .45 acp) lighter and I've used the last of the 200 gr FMJ bullets I had. It's remarkable the difference an additional 30 grains weight can make in perceived recoil.

The Millet sights I had Steve Prater install last month are a definite improvement on the factory sights supplied by Colt.

While at the range, I bought a Chip McCormick Shooting Star magazine to compare with my usual Wilsons. The McCormick spring seemed a bit stiff for the last two rounds, but that may correct with additional use. The workmanship seemed comparable to the Wilson's although the metal used felt lighter. I experienced no feed problems, but the mouth of the McCormick mag is differently enough shaped to that of the Wilson mag as to make loading a bit more difficult procedure. There's less area in which to insert the lip of the cartridge into the mag than is the case with a Wilson. That said, the McCormick mag cost's essentially half what the Wilson does. This may have been something of an unfair comparison, but the McCormick product isn't outclassed by the Wilson offering. I suggest that McCormick's Shooting Star line is a very viable option between what's offered by the factory and the $30+ each Wilson's.

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