Sunday, September 23, 2007

Getting There From Here

This Al Fin post examines how individual competence may be a necessary pre-cursor condition to attaining the goals identified with Aubrey de Grays' SENS movement.

One of the recurring questions I haven't yet answered to my own satisfaction is how we who aren't wealthy are going to take advantage of the biological science advances I'm certain will become possible within the next decade or two at most? Becoming as individually self-sufficent as we are each capable of, from as early an age as we can, seems a reasonably reliable method that at least leaves much of the possibility within our individual control.

The cultural and societal changes required to expand acceptance of such an additudinal adjustment throughout or fellow citizenry will likely be one of the decisive measures by which our individual success will be made possible, I suspect. Simple market economics, scale of economy and the like, you understand.

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