Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fatwa Arbitrage

I have some questions about this whole Islamist "rage boy" happening. As you are no doubt aware by now, Chris Muir has a strip of his "Day By Day" cartoon posted that depicts Mohammad's head atop a pigs body. While I understand that the majority of the anticipated out-pouring of reaction will deservedly be his, there are derivitive issues to be settled as well.

Because I directly link to Chris Muir's Mohammad cartoon, can I expect to share in the, as of this writing yet-to-be-issued, fatwa condemning it and him? If so, to what degree ought I to prepare a reply? Would my actually reproducing the panel substantially alter my standing in the issue, and if so, to what extent?

Should Muir ultimately have a cash bounty posted for his head (literally, if the Swedish Model should hold true for this example too), does some presumably lessor amount somehow derivate down for my noggin as a result of my secondary degree of involvement? If so, and given the popularity of his "Day By Day" cartoon page, at what point does my valuation become so diluted by the presence of others in the Jihadi Outrage market as to effectively negate my participation therein?

More than simple vanity is at stake here, I will have you know! There are serious economic issues involved as well. Does my redeemable value justify the expense of increasing my stock of a premium ammunition like Gold Dot or CorBon? Or is the more pedestrian Federal FMJ a more market-justified option?

We hear and read about these circumstances arising upon occasion, but little information is readily available that makes clear how these decisions are arrived at. Can anyone offer any practical advise from their own experience to aid my determining an appropriate response?

UPDATE: I have substantially re-written this post to better achieve the humorous effect I was trying for in my over-hasty first effort. However successful that result might be, I hope readers of this page understand that humor - however badly realised - doesn't negate sincerity. Not an opportunity I regularly experience, I'm afraid, so apologies for any clumsiness.

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