Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fitness is a journey, Part The First.

Archived here from my FB page of Dec 16, 2016.

My friend Charynn McCurdy has finished her A School training and is settling in to her new command. For the immediate future, this will keep her ashore instead of at sea somewhere. Lots of advantages to that, of course, but one disadvantage is that much of what you learn doesn't easily transfer to shipboard duty.
Returning to my opening gambit, maintaining fitness ashore can involve many activities that simply aren't practical aboard ship (even a large ship like an aircraft carrier; you can run on the flight deck only as long as the airplanes aren't using it, you see :)). My thought is that if Charynn can use these suggestions aboard ship, they ought to be equally useful to the rest of us (that would be me, still looking around my gut in an effort to see my ... feet). The trick, of course, is to establish a shipboard usable routine before you have to make the actual transition to shipboard duty (with all the unavoidable struggle that initially involves). Then it's just a matter of making the time to do a little of what you already do, instead of being one more new thing you have to learn. For those of us determinedly ashore, having an exercise routine available that doesn't require expensive gear or facilities (although there are swords involved eventually, so there is that :)) ought to be an obvious attraction, I would think.
For an initial suggestion, I direct your attention to sword instructor and author Guy Windsor's free video on breathing and general flexibility. I recommend his books and am thinking about spending a little money his way in the new year on the linked-to exercise course in the video below, once I've actually earned a little money, you understand. For now:
Breathing is a fundamental part of being human. You can learn to use your breath to control stress, increase fitness, and improve every aspect of your life. ...

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