Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Keeping Up With The Tam

During my wander through the blogs I ordinarily follow this fine Christmas day (and, to be completely honest, to fill in the time waiting for the laundry to finish), I checked in with TamaraK - as you do - and read this

Now, I already have one of these in .22 caliber and really wasn't expecting to get into .177 also, but given the steeply discounted asking price, I simply couldn't convince myself not to hit the "one-click purchase" button.

Amazon is pleased to inform me it (with the spare "5 shot pellet clip" and can of pellets) will get here this coming Saturday.  I guess I'm going to have to gather up some getaroundtoit and put this together.  I've lived in this apartment complex for 12 years, it's time to test the neighbors patience see if all of those on-time rent checks bought me any special consideration.  There's a strip of grass that runs along a fence line that ends in an L-shaped corner behind the maintenance building and is right outside my apartment door.  The perfect 50' semi-secluded spot for some quiet Sunday afternoon practice I think.  We'll see how many others agree soon enough.

So, thanks (again) Tam, and Merry Christmas to us both.

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