Thursday, October 4, 2012

Post-Debate Thoughts

Everybody has their reaction to last nights initial Presidential Debate up for all to see; here's mine:

Mitt Romney is the more polished debator.  This has multiple potential applications for an elected executive office holder.

Barack Obama did nothing to support the image that has been constructed about him in the media these last few years.  This will have consequences on election day as most voters tend to be swayed by the degree a candidate appears to conform to their (the voters) expectations about the candidate.

One other note; many are making note of both candidates "character".  The test for that will be found in both men's behavior at the subsequent debates.  This was only the introductory tune-up match, more a test of each campaigns capability than it was of either man or party platform yet.


Strategy Consulting said...

Well, i think it's normal for Obama to support his image because he needs to stand on his promises. But I don't know if things we're good after his message.

Will Brown said...

I wasn't characterizing Barack Obama's performance so much as noting the marked distinction between what he said/how he acted on stage versus how that differed from the expectations many people have based upon the image of the man crafted in the popular media. My observation was directed more at the perception each man left with me as a viewer, as I think individual perception of another plays a much larger role in character judgement than people commonly acknowledge these days (the entire concept of "character judgement" being so non-PC and all).

It was only the first debate; we'll have a better idea of how we Americans responded to both of the men's messages and public persona's after next Tuesday.