Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gratuitous Innuendo

I ought to re-title this "Gratuitous Self-Embarrasement"; see the update below.

Just drop it woman. I have long since stipulated that the proclaimed wisdom of the blogospheric commentariat has pronounced on this distinction and declined further disputation, choosing to rely on the advice and counsel of those I had (also long since) previously retained to provide such instead. I don't suppose there's much hope of others doing the same, is there?

Just in passing, is it truly your position that my having objected to the suggestion of shooting someone in the back of the head as not quite rising to the level of "self-defense" is somehow equivalent to publicly and explicitly threatening to murder someone during the course of abusing the authority entrusted to those in public service? Wow, I never dreamed others found my poor erudition so lethal.

While I quite enjoy your extra-planetary fiction (I suppose an autograph for my copy of the book is right out), your more down-to-Earth delusions - at least as they involve myself - are becoming tiresome and quite rude. Please desist.

UPDATE 7/26/11: In comments, RobertaX has made clear that it was indeed another William her post made mention of. Apparently the fellow Mr. Harless so publicly abused is also named William.

I'd like to claim that it's been a more challenging year than usual for me, but that doesn't excuse my over-sensitivity anyway. I hope Roberta will accept my apology; I was out of line and out of order.


Roberta X remotely said...

Wait, what?

Seriously, what are you talking about? My blog post, my somewhat incoherent comment (I try to doublecheck but in a hurry, I type gibberish), or what?

Not following you, not a bit. Need context thAt I am not gettiong from your post or the links in it.

Will Brown said...

"1. He impersonated a police officer, using the disguise to bluff his way through to his selected pool of victims. After all, one should never, every question duly constituted authority, no matter how oddball their demands: you can get in big, big trouble for "refusing to obey a lawful order," even when you have no idea if it is lawful or not (Ask William and Officer Harless from Canton, OH)."

My bold.

Or is there some other William who's opinion on matters lawful you have publicly found lacking? The absense of any links makes this unclear. And, yes, I do object to being associated in any manner with "... Officer Harless from Canton, OH".

Any other William will have to speak up for himself.

Anonymous said...

The guy Officer Harless threatened and arrested was named "William." Him. Not you. Didn't even think about you.

Are you a cop or a lawyer?

Roberta X said...

Gracious apology accepted.

DirtCrashr said...

What are you kids going on about? At least it wasn't our dear stainmaster William Jefferson Cl*#%on! :-)
I get mixed-up with all these single-named blogpersons too, so just call me Cher from now on.