Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wait A Minute!

There was a contretemps on the gunblogs this weekend over the recent Lucky sponsored "Ammo Girls" ammo handlers at the Memorial Day Weekend shooting event. As part of that back-and-forth, the most exciting bit of gunblogger-related news ever released on the web was revealed:
(And accusing somebody who's posed for nekkid photos of "prudery" is good for a horse laugh.)

If ever there was a time for universal insistence upon the forum diktat of "didn't happen without pictures", this is that time!

What's wrong with you people? Who cares whether or not some hypothetical female is or is not repelled by another's bared arms; join me in proclaiming the hot issue of the 21st Century and demand digital revelation of TamaraK in all her bared-arms glory!

Later: Edited to fix a bad link.

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