Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mine's Big Enough To Get Me Off

From Drudge comes notice of this France24 story in which two Italian scientists* review the literature regarding penile enhancement.

It seems surgical methods are risky at best as they often result in unsightly, and even ... errr reduced, results. However, there is some measurable enlengthenment (is that even a word?) from, well let's just quote the original:
Among the non-invasive methods, tested on 109 subjects, so-called penile extenders that stretch the phallus through traction were shown to be most effective.

One study reported an average increase of 1.8 centimetres (0.7 inches), while another measured an extra 2.3 centimetres (0.9 inches) in a flaccid state, and 1.7 centimetres (0.67 inches) when erect.

But the regimen for achieving these gains was arduous: six hours of daily traction over four months in the first case, and four hours every day over six months in the second.

No pain, no gain indeed.

One oddity of especial note:
Even the methods that did show some increase in length did not result in a gain in thickness, they noted.

But nor was their shrinkage.

Typical Frog; skinny right past the clitoris to better bruise the cervix. No wonder French women are such accomplished teases.

* Let's see, two guys named Mark and Paul respectively write a paper on the penis. Do we strive for the Matthew/Luke or the George and Ringo joke here?

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DirtCrashr said...

They just want it long enough to reach their mouth so the dreams will stop.