Tuesday, February 8, 2011

AI "Threat" Allieviated

It's all so simple really.

No entity is capable of examining and comparing ideas faster than humans are at coming up with excuses! All that remains is to arrange all AI/AGI's created into competing committees (that would be, each of the former on all of the latter - serially, of course) debating the relative merits of every excuse offered (in it's own right and relative to any and all possible permutations jointly). Whenever we humans actually need something really complex answered, we pull some random AI out of committee long enough to work it's way through the matter and then pop it back into the (never ending) discussion.

Offer a respectable prize for every unique excuse - err, matter of intellectual concern - offered by Random Human (I recommend close attention be paid to the 10 to 12 y/o contingent) for ongoing consideration of the various AI committees.

Human intellectual superiority remains serene.

You're welcome, Michael.


h/t Bayou Renaissance Man for the quotation.

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