Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting Afresh

Yesterday was solidly overcast with thick fog in the morning and a slow drizzle for the remainder of the day. The temperature was in the low/mid 40's 'till noon, but had risen to the mid 50's by 4:30 that afternoon. As a metaphor for the year just completed I can't think of better.

By contrast, this morning dawns brightly, with clear skies and a crisp temp in the upper 30's. There is a frost on the vehicle and building roofs that fades into memory shortly after the sunlight strikes it. The air is calm and the impression one discovers within is one of promise and optimism. If ever there was desired an illustration of the impetus driving New Year's Eve celebrations, surely this is it.

Our singular and unified challenge may indeed be to raise the next 364 days to steadily greater heights, but I think I'll content myself discovering this day's possibilities. I understand that, if you just keep doing that, you reach a place called "success", but I wouldn't know yet.

Update: You have to love a man that brings such a positive outlook to events.

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