Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Not-Quite-Rhetorical Question

Is anyone making book yet on how quickly VP-elect Biden goes "under the bus"? I realise that past performance doesn't provide an actual prediction of future trends, but it's still a pretty good way to bet.

If it wasn't going to be so expensive, the next couple years would otherwise promise ROFL, teary-eyed entertainment watching our new political "leadership" compete for dominance with each other.

Serial "Night of the Long Knives" anyone?*

* However deservedly, Republicans hold copyright on the expression "Saturday Night Special".


Anonymous said...

Yet, Obama has to find the money to pay for all the previous administrations errors and bungling - and the only people that will pay are the US taxpayers, not the people that created the mess.

Bills to pay: Invasion of Iraq - $1 Trillion and counting, payout of recent economic bungle $750 Billion...the list goes on and on. Who do you think HAS to pay this???

Will Brown said...

As you so shyly note, footing the existing bill is going to be a burden. I can't think adding to that is in any way going to make for improvement.

Given the 1/2 century trend by all members of federal government to ignore and mis-state the fiscal and regulatory realities the US has created for itself, I'm down to hoping that a sufficiencey of technological singularity events will occur in time to exponentially increase our capabilities sufficiently to make our current deficit state a moot issue. See? Hope and Change for everybody!