Thursday, April 24, 2008

What an ass

Finally got in to see the ass doctor yesterday - mine, not him.

The good news is that my prostate isn't enlarged nor otherwise apparently out of the ordinary and, other than having "a few" polips removed via laser, all else seems to be in reasonably good rectal order, if inordinately breezy still. Great delight was taken from informing me that "this too shall pass".

So, no ass cancer and my general state of health also seems to be much improved. Hard to complain about any of that. I'm still adjusting to the dietary implications of being diabetic, but there's a surprising amount of food goods available for carbohydrate-restricted diets. Weirdly, after not smoking for 14 months now I'm experiencing the urge to smoke. Not to worry, I'm much too cheap to take up the habit again at current prices.

Let's see if I can find something of a more general degree of interest to write about in future. Certainly, some topic that has less to do with the state of my rectal region or other attendant body parts.

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