Friday, November 30, 2007

"Don't sell me oil Venezuellaaa ..."*

Proof positive that socialists are economic morons.

Oil, being a fungible commodity sold on the open international market, is sold in bulk lots without regard to the nationality of either the buyer or seller. In other words, every drop of crude Mr. Potatohead "sells" to some other country will result in one other drop of oil marketed by some other oil-producing country becoming available for the USA to buy instead.

Sheesh. I'm a high school drop-out and I recognise this for the null statement it is. The only way possible for a country to deny oil to another country is to not sell it at all. In Humpty-Dumpty's case, this is the only action he is absolutely certain of not doing. As long as he wants to remain big dog in his squalled kennel of a benighted country, at least. Poor Venezuela ...

* To the tune of some song by that other loon Madonna about a different SA economic disaster.

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